A Curious Retreat

A Curious Retreat is a very curious place indeed, but where does it lead? You will have to go through the door to and see for yourself.
This 3D exterior set adds two new models to the Curious theme. First is the old dilapidated gazebo, overgrown with ivy and crumbling into the ground. Included are two interchangeable bases. One has a cracked and distressed hand-built octagonal platform; the other is an organic stone base, seemingly growing out of the ground. Second is a rather curious door, set into a rocky surround. Upon opening the door you will find things aren’t what they first appear… Do you dare step inside? The images on this page also feature elements from the Curious Passage set, such as the back wall sections and the associated ivy and ground plane. A Curious Passage is not strictly required for use of this product, but A Curious Retreat supports it and makes an ideal companion.