:: A3 Precious ::

:: A3 Precious ::

Introducing Precious, a cute little fairy for Aiko 3. Morphs & Mat Poses Precious INJ Precious REM Precious Ears INJ Precious Ears REM 1 MAT Default Apply 6 MAT poses for her eyes 6 MAT poses to apply makeups Textures 1 Default Head Map, No Makeup 1 Default Body Map 12 Eye Textures, 6 left & 6 right 1 Lash Trans Map 1 Teeth & Gum Map 6 Additional Makeup Head Maps Head & Body Bump Maps Note: Precious morph is based on a 0.6 setting of Aikos realistic morph and this setting will be applied to the body as well when Precious morph is injected.

Product Requirements:
PC/MAC Poser 5/6/7 Aiko 3.0 Complete


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