Abandoned Clock Factory

Abandoned Clock Factory
Abandoned Clock Factory and Villain’s Lair R2

Though the industry of the old Victorian Clock Factory is silenced, there is still hidden activity. The factory includes multiple buildings filled with rusted equipment, yet still of use. Large machines are quiet, but there’s a light in the office. Drive through the gates, and pull into the largest building. A suprisingly equipt office had some hidden stairs that in turn lead down to an office and engineering lab of a notorious steampunk villain.

bones (2), bottles (3), box, case, ceiling lamp, chair (2), coal, desk lamp, desk, engine, filing cabinet (2), flask (4), furnace, gas tank, gear wheel (6), girder, handle, mimeograph, physical equipment, pipes (3), power hammer, skull, shelf, stairs, stethoscope, syringe, table (2), test tubes, wall lamp, water tower tank, water tower, building set