Abandoned Hallway

Would you pass or walk in this Abandoned Hallway? Isn't it scary to do so? There are broken chairs, broken doors, scattered pieces of paper, and cigarette butts and beer bottles.. Guess someone's been here though. Imagine how dark is this hallway at night… Creepy.
Abandoned Hallway (.DUF)
Abandoned Hallway Complete Set
Zero Props:
AH Beer Bottle
AH Broken Chair
AH Broken Chair Rattan
AH Ceiling
AH Ceiling Curve Grass
AH Ceiling Floor Grass
AH Ceiling Grass
AH Chair Long
AH Chair Short
AH Cigarette
AH Cigarette Box
AH Debris Sand
AH Debris Wood
AH Door
AH East Grass Group
AH East Grass Hanging
AH East Grass Long
AH East Grass Long Curve
AH East Grass Medium
AH East Grass Short
AH Floor
AH Floor Grass
AH Floor Plants
AH Newspaper
AH North Grass Long
AH North Grass Medium
AH North Grass Small
AH Oil Barrel
AH Oil Container
AH Scrap Paper
AH South Grass Curve
AH South Hanging Grass
AH Stairs
AH Wall 01 South
AH Wall 02 West
AH Wall 03 North
AH Wall 04 East
AH West Grass Curve
AH West Grass Long
AH West Grass Small
AH Wood Pallet
Textures Include:
107 Texture, Height, Metallic, Normal, and Roughness Maps (50x 400 to 4096 x 4096)
Optimized for Iray

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