Abandoned Mansion

Abandoned Mansion

Are you someone who likes horror movies? The Abandoned Mansion is for you!

Enter this mansion and find out just how thrilling it is to be walking inside.

This house was a happy place until no one wanted it anymore.

You may even encounter some soul on your way in – or until you get out.

Abandoned Mansion (.DUF)
Bedroom Door
Broken Beam
Broken Chair
Broken Window
Cabinet 01
Cabinet 02
Cabinet 03
Carpet 01
Carpet 02
Ceiling Light 01
Ceiling Light 02
Dresser Table
Old Chair
Old Cloth 01
Old Cloth 02
Old Cloth 03
Old Cloth 04
Old Cloth 05
Old Computer Chair
Old Handbag
Old Lamp
Old Piano
Old Typewriter
Old Wheelchair
Scattered Papers
Single Sofa
Spider Web
Table Drawer 01
Table Drawer 02
Wall 01
Wall 02
Wall 03
Wall 04
Wall 05
Wall 06
Water 01
Water 02
128 Texture maps for Normal, Reflection (204 x 204 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Abandoned Mansion

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