Davo’s Snatch and Grab Kit #3: Midnight Market

Davo’s Snatch and Grab Kit #3: Midnight Market

– Modeled around V4. Elements of this package will work with other figures with some adjustments.
– PC or Mac compatible
– Poser 5+ rigged and tested
– .obj, .jpg, .png, .cr2, .pp2, .hd2, .fc2, .pz2 file formats
– DazStudio has not been tested. Files should load in DS with some texture material zone re-assignments and re-positioning of some pre-parented parts.


– Auction Block 1: This is a main stage auction block with repositionable/hidable back rail and overhead rail, secondary stage and two side ramps. The secondary stage can be hidden from view and has width/depth morphs.
– Auction Block 2: This is a simple concrete auction block with short, built-in ramp in the back.
– Building (shadow and non-shadow version): This is a simple concrete block building with roll-up door on the back wall and re-positionable ceiling lamps.
– Chain Set Dual: This is a posable chain set with main base loop and right / left chains.
– Chain Set Single: This is a posable chain set with main base loop and long, single chain.
– Hand Truck: This is a modified hand truck with neck, feet and wrist chain connectors.
– Inspect Station 1: This is a restraint device with morph adjustable piping. It is right and left symmetrical mirroring. This devices holds your character in a compromising “inspection” pose. Pose files are included for V4 and matching pose for the station.
– Inspect Station 2: This is another restraint device with morph adjustable piping.
– Podium: This is an auctioneers podium, it has a re-positionable microphone.
– Push Cart: This is a posable push cart that you can place things on. It could be used to place some of the restraint devices on and push them aroundto show them off. Handle is posable.
– Reader Board: This is an electronic reader board to keep track of bidding and sales status.
– Restraint Post 1: This is a morph adjustable post with wrist, ankle and neck ring loops.
– Restraint Post 2: This is a morph adjustable post that is intended to be suspended from the ceiling for an “overhead” rail system. It has length, height and connector plate height morphs.
– Restraint Post 3: This is a neck yoke type restraint with an additional connector chain.
– Stand 1: This is a display stand with first, second and third place plackards. Each platform can be moved to a new position.
– Xtra Auction Block: This is an extra block taken from Auction Block 1.
– Xtra Door Wall: This is an extra roll-up door wall, it can be positioned in place of one of the building’s side walls.
– Xtra Railing: This is an extra back rail and overhead rail taken from the Auction Block 1. It is positioned to be on the floor.
– Xtra Ramp: An extra ramp for use anywhere. It is taken from the Auction Block 1 figure.
– Xtra Stand: This is an extra display stand.
– Xtra Wall Section: This is an extra floor, side walls, ceiling and lamps taken from the Building.


Smart Prop Gavel and Pointer Stick
This package contains a Gavel and Pointer stick for M4 and V4. These smart props will automatically insert and parent to your characters hand.
Smart Prop Basic Iron Cuffs:
There are smart prop arm, leg, neck and special “Link for Chest” and “Link for Hip” connector links. These will automatically parent to your character.

Pose files for V4 and matching pose files for all elements in the package that she is associated with are provided.

Detailed Readme file is included