Anck-Su-Namun Clothing and Makeup G8F and G8.1F

Resurrect a blast from the past with this clothing and geoshell makeup bundle for Genesis 8 and Genesis 8.1 Female.

Thanks to the ancient magic of geoshells, you can easily turn any G8F or G8.1F character into a juicy Egyptian princess in moments without having to resort to the Hom-Dai or collecting any canopic jars!

Arm Torcs (Left and Right)
Bangles (Two variants, Left and Right)
Bead Sash
Body Lines Makeup Geoshell
Face Makeup Geoshell
Gold Flake G8F/G8.1F Material Preset
Head Morph
Body Morph

Be sure to read the readme for general information and tips to get the best results! What harm ever came from reading a readme?

NOTE: This product does NOT come with hair or skin textures seen in the promo. This product is JUST clothing, geoshells, and a material preset that adjust the Top Coat and Metallic Flakes channels of G8F/G8.1F

Other products used in the promos:
Queen of the Nile for G8F (Hair)
Akila for G8F (Skin)
Sahana for G8F (Skin)

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