Angela 9 HD

Angela 9 HD

Angela 9 HD

Join the ranks of iconic movie stars with Angela 9 HD.

A versatile actress who can play the lead in any genre, Angela is a dream both on the silver screen and on set. When she’s not working, she stays busy with a variety of passion projects and community involvement activities and events.

8K HD Materials
Included standard with the base Genesis 9 figure.

Asymmetry Morphs
Give your characters more “character” with asymmetrical modifications.

Improved Posing & Animation
With enhanced bone hierarchy and industry-standard naming.

Real-World Proportions
Real-world measurements and a new Proportions System make realistic character customization easier than ever before.

Unified Figure
Blendability of cross-gender shapes brings next-level character diversity and support for add-ons like clothing, hair, accessories, and more.

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Angela 9 HD

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