Apocalyptic Laundromat

After the nuclear war the city is totally destroyed and abandoned, people lived under the sewer, caves and tunnels to survive. All that surfaces gets ill with no cure available, some managed to get our wearing hazmat suits to get supplies above. This apocalyptic laundromat is a great addition for creating such scene, add zombies, soldiers or even aliens that looks to hunt people to feed. Use your imagination!
Apocalyptic Laundromat: (.DUF)
AL Big Bin
AL Ceiling
AL Detergent
AL East Wall
AL Fan
AL Floor
AL Flourescent
AL Front Door
AL Hanger2
AL North Wall
AL Plant Pot
AL Pipe
AL Seats
AL South Door
AL South Wall
AL Stainless Table
AL Trolly1
AL Troll2
AL Washing Machines
AL West Wall
Textures Include:
70 Texture, Normal, Diffuse, and Specular Maps (338 x 517 to 7360 x 4912)

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