Armageddon Airiolus and Beezlebabe II

Armageddon: Airiolus and Beezlebabe II
It has been three years since Airiolus and Beezlebabe first did battle… a battle that ended in a stalemate, which neither won. During that time, Lucifer was plotting to overthrow God and his glorious kingdom… not by attacking Heaven itself, but by attacking the mortals God created, who were powerless to stop him. Now, Demons journey to Earth en masse, to destroy humankind… led by the venomous and wicked Beezlebabe.
Upon hearing of these plans, God sent the archangel, Airiolus, to stop Beezlebabe, as she is the most powerful of all his angels. But Airiolus will have quite a task stopping an army of demons, alone…. and she will discover a secret; that this evil vamp she has been sent to destroy, is her own sister. And now, the two halves divided come together in a final battle we call, Armageddon….

Armageddon: Airiolus and Beezlebabe II