Army General Uniform

Kit Michael 4 out with this high quality Army General Uniform. This set has the look and feel of a uniform that will fit in perfectly to your fantasy military scenes, yet will retain a degree of realism similar to an officer in todays military.
All badges, patches, buttons and medal ribbons are modelled into the base geometry that gives a great deal of realism. There are 10 popular surnames as MAT files for the name badge. There are patches for fictional Army units. All rank stars on the shoulder can be hidden or moved individually, so you can make a 1 Star General right up to 4 Star one, also it’s possible to adjust the stars when using extreme posing. All badges and patches can be moved or hidden. Several body handles around the hip area will allow better fitting of the Jacket.
Included is one custom Face Morph using M4’s own face morphs that will give a look of an older looking male. Also included is a pair of conforming Aviator styled Sunglasses with an option of two separate reflection maps.

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