Aslan Court 3


UPDATED: 2016-03-14 – Updated pathing,metadata,geometry,removed legacy installer

Aslan Court is a complete 360? interior3D environment featuring timeless Persian styled architecture. Using the usual modular design, the set can be loaded as a preset or broken into pieces to load only what you require. The parts can be mixed and matched to create several different designs and will expand in size with further addon sets.

Each wall section can also be individually hidden from the included selection of wall caps. This provides a vast array of options for future add-on packs. Additionally, a DAZ Studio 3.5+ and DAZ Studio 4 light preset has been included as used in the promo imagery.

Please note, to use the fully loaded set I would recommend you have a reasonably powerful computer. Short-cuts can be made using the flexibility of the product and limiting what parts you load. This third installment has been designed to complement the existing two Aslan models, featuring the same detailing and textures to offer a seamless addition to the series.

This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Core Installer


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