ATVE Mods – SIV Dragonfly

ATVE Mods - SIV Dragonfly

⟣ ATVE Mods – SIV Dragonfly ⟢

We here at Haille Valley have been proud to bring you our line of ready made vehicles for your every day Adventurers. Over our run of ready-made vehicles, we’ve been fortunate to bring you many different types of small-craft. This one is no different. Featuring a twin bladeless-fan lift engine setup, this particular aircraft offers a striking silhouette. Fully articulated, this craft is ideally suited for getting into, and out of, tight spaces. But, never fear, for this craft also comes equipped with our standardized plasma cannons, high powered enough for any ne’er do well that dares attempt to take you out. With the twin rotor design, this craft can spin on a dime, take off vertically, and touch down with the gentlest of touches.

As usual, we offer our standardized helmet with onboard hud.

Oh, before we forget, the name of this particular vehicle is the SIV (Scout Insertion Vehicle) Dragonfly.

ATVE Mods - SIV Dragonfly

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