ATVE Tadpole Monocycle

We here at Haille Valley are happy to present to you the reinvention of the wheel, the Tadpole Monocycle. She features a variable geometry tread that can adapt to almost any terrain. With the adaptable tread, you don't have to worry about losing traction in those turns as it changes with the degree that you lean.

Worried about transporting pizzas, important supplies, or just your lunch? Never fear, we have included a small bin that mounts to the hub of the Tadpole, turning it from a quick and easy rider to a certified cargo runner! (Small amounts only.)

Note from the Artist: Some new techniques were tried with this, including dial-based geometric lighting for the actual lights. Everything that should emit light does and is rigged with animated dials. Take the turn signals for instance. The dashboard indicators work as they should in conjunction with the actual signals. Have fun, don't crash, and enjoy.

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