Biorobot Laboratory 2

Biorobot Lab 2 — an addition to the futuristic interior, the Biorobot Lab. The product is made in the form of a constructor, from the blocks you can create your own unique futuristic interior. The set includes requisites for building three rooms: A communications room, a reactor room, and a station room. Explore them all!
Biorobot Laboratory 2: (.DUF)
PTBLB2 Biorobot Lab 1 Walls Communication
PTBLB2 Biorobot Lab 1 Walls Reactor
PTBLB2 Biorobot Lab 1 Walls Station
PTBLB2 Biorobot Lab 2 ! LoadAll
PTBLB2 Communication Room ! LoadAll
PTBLB2 Communication Room
PTBLB2 Reactor Room ! LoadAll
PTBLB2 Reactor Room
PTBLB2 Station Room ! LoadAll
PTBLB2 Station Room
PTBLB2 Block4
PTBLB2 Block5
PTBLB2 Block6
PTBLB2 Ceiling2
PTBLB2 Ceiling3
PTBLB2 Ceiling7
PTBLB2 Chair
PTBLB2 Decor1
PTBLB2 Decor2
PTBLB2 Decor3:
Balls Spin
PTBLB2 Device2
PTBLB2 Floor1b
PTBLB2 Floor2
PTBLB2 Floor3
PTBLB2 Floor7
PTBLB2 Lamp2
PTBLB2 Monitor:
Monitor Spin
PTBLB2 Pillar
PTBLB2 Reactor
PTBLB2 Station3
PTBLB2 Table
PTBLB2 Wall1:
Door open Close
PTBLB2 Wall2
PTBLB2 Wall3
PTBLB2 Wall4
PTBLB2 Wall5
Preset Cameras
PTBLB2 Cameras Communication Room
PTBLB2 Cameras Reactor Room
PTBLB2 Cameras Station Room
Textures Include:
119 Texture, Normal, and Reflection Maps (2048 x2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
Optimized for Iray

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