Biscuits Hair Merchant Resource

Biscuits Hair Merchant Resource A very versatile high resolution hair resource with natural and funky haircolors and stripes. Included are black & white textures to use as overlays on colors, to make custom specularmaps or transmaps. Also included are seamless alpha hair borders and color hair borders. A total of 161 files! This versatile pack contains: 70 hair color textures (2500 x 2500 pixels) – 40 Hair Colors – Natural Shades & Funky Shades – 30 Hair Stripes – Natural Shades & Funky Shades 50 Hair Alphas – Transparency/Overlay/Specular Textures (2500 x 2500 pixels) These black and white textures you can use to create custom shine & shadow to mix with the color textures with photoshop’s layer options like multiply, lighten or overlay. And also use it to make your custom transmaps. 21 Hair Alpha Borders – Seamless Black&White Hair Borders (400 x 400 pixels) These files you can use in stitchwitch, to quickly setup a black and white transmap for example for skull caps. In stitchwitch you choose the option lace, so you can lay a curved haired border on your uvmap. 20 Hair Color Borders – Seamless Hair Color Borders on a transparent background (400 x 400 pixels) These files you can also use in stitchwitch, to quickly block in hair color, with the lace curve option, so you can let the hair flow in the different appropriate directions. The textures are mostly seamless or horizontal tiling.

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