Breena, a new character for V4/A4
For Poser 5+ and DAZ 2.3+

This pack contains the wood nymph character Breena, which means “Fairy Land,” for V4/A4. Petite with large eyes, Breena comes with a sculpted custom face morph and a dialed morph body, 15 makeups, 6 lip colors plus gloss only, 7 eye colors, and 9 nail shades (solid and fancy), plus clear gloss. Breena also comes with tattoo options and 2 second skins.

To load Breena, it is not necessary for you to preload the V4++/A4 morphs, although you must have those in the same runtime from which you load her. You may preload the entire set of ++ morphs if you want access to some of their features.

This product was tested in Poser 6/7, Poser Pro, and in DAZ 2.3, and should work for Poser version 5. Shader files for DAZ are included and will automatically install to the Pose folder of whichever program you choose. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the material presets, giving the correct skin tones to Breena.

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