Landon 8 Pro Bundle

As ferocious as he is sexy, Landon 8 is a lycanthrope boldly embodying two distinct forms. By day, he’s handsome, rugged, daring and charismatic. But by night, especially under a full moon, he transforms into a capable and relentless hunter with boundless energy, agility, and heightened senses.

Exert your position as leader of the pack, the alpha male, and the center of attention. These stylish outfits for Landon wield a commanding presence in any scene.

It’s after dark, and Landon’s true nature has been set free. This wild and loose collection explodes unceremoniously into the world of the unknown, the supernatural, and the untamed.

Key advancements with the Genesis 8-based Landon 8 include:

Backward Compatibility
The most backward compatibility ever, through included clones for Genesis, Genesis 2, & Genesis 3.

Ultimate Content Compatibility
Includes clones for Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3 content even between male and female figures.

Improved Expression Capabilities
All-new Expression Interface for easier, more realistic, facial poses.

Updated Eye Technology
New eye design aligns render speed with render speed of the rest of the face without compromising realism. Eyelashes have been made into separate conformers for improved performance and more versatility.

Enhanced Finger/Toenails
Finger and toenails have been welded into the finger and toenail bed for improved render performance and realism.

Muscle contraction added
Major muscle groups now automatically contract with natural movement and posing of figures.

Default Pose Change:
Improved default pose to allow for the creation of new types of content.

More Realistic Bending:
Improved shoulder, collarbone and abdomen bends for better movement and enhanced realism.

Better Shoe Fit:
Reworked heel and simplified toe bending to improve movement with a variety of shoe types.

Easy Shape Migration:
Includes clones for better compatibility with Genesis, Genesis 2 & Genesis 3. Even between male & female.

Skin Material Advancements:
Dramatically improved Iray Uber Shader with new Sub Surface features designed to enhance the natural shading, depth, glow and detail of figures.

This Bundle Includes:

Landon 8

Thorn for Landon 8

Karl HD for Landon 8

Retro Hero Hair for Genesis 8 and 3

dForce Pack Leader Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Poses and Expressions for Landon 8 and Genesis 8 Male

Alpha Team Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Lycan HD for Landon 8

Landis Hair for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 Male(s)

Z Supernatural Poses and Expressions for Genesis 8 Male and Landon 8

dForce GothicX Rock for Genesis 8 Male(s)

dForce Outsider Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements