Calypso 9

Dive into the enchanting depths and discover Calypso, the mesmerizing mermaid of legend. Her iridescent tail glistens in the undersea light, reflecting her ethereal beauty and charm. With a myriad of morphs that allow you to shape her into the siren of the seas.

Unearth treasure beyond your wildest dreams with the Calypso 9 Starter Bundle and elevate your underwater fantasies with the Calypso 9 Pro Bundle.

Embark on a magical voyage with Calypso today!

Calypso 9 measurements courtesy of Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

Height: 5′ 7.6″ (171.8 cm)
Bust Circumference: 31.9″ (81.0 cm)
Waist Circumference: 24.7″ (62.9 cm)
Low Hip Circumference: 36.3″ (92.1 cm)
Calypso 9 Mermaid measurements courtesy of Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

Height: 5′ 7.7″ (172.1 cm)
Bust Circumference: 32.1″ (81.6 cm)
Waist Circumference: 25.8″ (65.5 cm)
Low Hip Circumference: 36.5″ (92.8 cm)
Tail Length: 6′ 8.7″ (205.0 cm)
Genesis 9 advancements include:

8K HD Materials
Asymmetry Morphs
Improved Posing & Animation
Real-World Proportions
Unified Figure

Calypso 9 Older Shape Add-On
Calypso 9 Plus Size Shape Add-On
Calypso 9 Toon Shape Add-On

Calypso 9: (.DUF)
Calypso 9 Human Character Preset
Calypso 9 Mermaid Character Preset
Calypso 9 Body Human
Calypso 9 Body Mermaid
Calypso 9 Canines Out
Calypso 9 Canines Side-Side
Calypso 9 Canines Upper 01
Calypso 9 Canines Upper 02
Calypso 9 Ears 01
Calypso 9 Ears 02
Calypso 9 Ears 03
Calypso 9 Ears Twist-Size
Calypso 9 Eyelids Alt
Calypso 9 Eyes Larger
Calypso 9 Fingernails
Calypso 9 Head Crest 01 HD
Calypso 9 Head Crest 02 HD
Calypso 9 Head Human
Calypso 9 Head Mermaid
Calypso 9 Inner Eye Smooth
Calypso 9 Iris
Calypso 9 Lashes
Calypso 9 Lips Over Fangs
Calypso 9 Nose Alt
Calypso 9 Nose Bridge Smooth
Calypso 9 Nose Wings Flatten
Calypso 9 Nostrils Size
Calypso 9 Philtrum Depth
Calypso 9 Septum Smooth
Calypso 9 Teeth Fangs
Calypso 9 Eyebrows
Calypso 9 Top
Calypso 9 Tail:
Fins Side-Side
Fins Side-Side Alt
Fins Spread
Flap Fin Left
Flap Fin Right
Flap Fins
Flap Fins Alt
Hip Bulge Default
Length Fins
Length Tail
Loosen Abdomen Lower
Loosen Ankles
Loosen Buttocks
Loosen Hips
Loosen Hips Back
Loosen Hips Sides
Loosen Knees
Loosen Lap Fold
Loosen Midriff
Loosen Thighs
Loosen Waist Back
Loosen Waist Front
Loosen Waist Left
Loosen Waist Lower
Loosen Waist Right
Loosen Waist Upper
Pelvis Lower Expand
Smooth Ankles
Smooth Heels
Smooth Hips
Tail Bend
Tail Side-Side
Tail Swim
Tighten Midriff
Twist Fin Left
Twist Fin Right
Twist Fins
Twist Fins Alt
Calypso 9 Tail – Clear Leg Pose
Shaping Presets:
Calypso 9 !Apply Human
Calypso 9 !Apply Mermaid
Calypso 9 !Remove ALL
Calypso 9 Canines 01 Apply
Calypso 9 Canines 02 Apply
Calypso 9 Claws Apply
Calypso 9 Claws Remove
Calypso 9 Crest 01 HD Apply
Calypso 9 Crest 02 HD Apply
Calypso 9 Crests Remove
Calypso 9 Ears 01 Apply
Calypso 9 Ears 02 Apply
Calypso 9 Ears 03 Apply
Calypso 9 Ears Remove
Calypso 9 Ears Size Apply
Calypso 9 Eyes Larger
Calypso 9 Eyes Normal Size
Calypso 9 Face Extras Apply/Remove
Calypso 9 Fang Out L
Calypso 9 Fang Out R
Calypso 9 Fangs Out
Calypso 9 Mouth RESET
Calypso 9 Smile Human Apply
Calypso 9 Smile Mermaid Apply
Calypso 9 Teeth Normal
Calypso 9 Teeth Sharp
Skin MAT
HD Normal Maps
Normal Maps
Skin Nipples Feminine
Skin Nipples Masculine
Calypso 9 Tail Blue MAT
Calypso 9 Tail Fins Style 1 MAT
Calypso 9 Tail Fins Style 2 MAT
Textures Include:
33 Texture, Normal, Roughness, Sub-Surface Scatter, and Transparency Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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