3D Scenery: The last of Winter

Take your runtime straight into photo-realism with the Last of Winter!

Last of Winter is a set with 13 different pieces! It contains 5 rock segments, 4 plant segments, 2 grass segments, 1 fireplace, 1 sitting log, 1 landscape, and one preload scene.

A preload scene is included; an example of what you can do with the items. Many of the props come with morps that enable to you \”push down\” the edges into the ground and the cliffs, push \”back\” if you want to make layers of cliffs.. This is due to their photo based nature, they are not always entirely even (nature almost never is!) Everything is in high resolution, with 4K textures.

Of course, all these items can easily be used in any other scene, as all these itmes, can be loaded and used independently.

The following is included:
5 Rock Segments
4 Plant segments
2 Grass Segments
1 Landscape base
1 Fireplace
1 Sitting log
1 Preload

This scene is full optimized both for Poser and Daz Studio (Iray)