3DA Magda

3DA Magda

Magda by 3-D Arena is a lovely new custom character for Genesis 8 Female. She is perfect for renders from Fantasy to Renaissance to your every day scenes.

Magda includes her own FiberMesh brows as well as overlay brows in a variety of colours.

As with all current 3-D Arena characters you can select the eyeliner of your choice to be applied over her makeup, you can apply blush separately in different strengths/colours.

Magda also includes Pubic Hair LIE options in various shades.

Recently I have sent some an alternate torso option for previous characters that have no nipples – for those slightly risqué tops. I used to include these in older character packages and the option is back with Magda! This will make it easier to render modest images when a dforce top slips a bit more than you expected. 😉

No morph packages are required!

☆ Included ☆

Shaping for Genesis 8 Female:

• Magda Character Preset
• Magda Custom Head Apply & Remove
• Magda Custom Body Apply & Remove
• Custom Square Nails Apply & Remove
• Custom Round Nails Apply & Remove
• Custom Lash Morph (applies with head)
>> 04 Lash Length Settings
• Nipples Apply & Remove
>> 2 Nipple Strength settings
• Genital morph (Genesis 8 Female dial) turn on & off

MATS in IRay:

• Full Skin MAT
• No Nipple Option (+ Nipples On)
• 03 Translucency Options
• 08 Brow L.I.E. Colours + No Brow Option
• 07 Fibermesh Brow Colour MATs
• 07 Makeup Options + Nude
• Add/Remove Shine for Eyeshadows
• 03 Fantasy Makeups with Glitter applied (remove with shine remove option)
• 10 Lipstick Options + Nude
• 06 Blush L.I.E. options
• 06 Eyeliner L.I.E. options
• 04 Eyelash Styles in 2 Colours (total of 8 options)
• 08 Eye Colours
• 03 Mapped Eye Reflections + default
• 12 Nails Options; 1 French , 1 Nude, 07 Solid Colours, 3 French Coloured with Accents [fingers & toes]
• 02 Nails Metallic Accent options
• 05 Pubic L.I.E. Shades + Remove

Magda’s Fibermesh Brows