3DA Rionach Eternal

Now Rionach can be your Eternal Queen of the Night. From a stitched together beauty (living or dead the choice is yours) to an eternally youthful sorceress or vampire options of hungry or recently fed.

Rionach Eternal includes a custom fang morph that you may use in conjunction with the custom morphs in the base Rionach product.

The following is a list of included items


• Rionach Fang INJ & REM [custom morph]
• Small Pupils INJ & REM

MATS for Poser 6+, SSS, Studio UberEnvironment include:

• 01 Full Skin
• 01 Alternate Full Skin
• 05 Makeups with lipstick
• 07 Eye Shades
• 03 Eye Sclera Options + Default
• 01 Blood Tears Option
• 01 Bloody Lacrimal

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3DA Rionach


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