69 HDRIs – Movie Maker Iray – Courtyard Day

69 HDRIs – Movie Maker Iray – Courtyard Day

Create stunning images / animations up to 40 times faster with these 69 HDRI maps and matching camera presets! Render literally in seconds per frame (even using CPU).

Designed with matching cameras from a detailed 7 Million Polygon courtyard prop, these 10k maps let you switch to a different camera / HDRI maps while keeping your props, characters or vehicles on the exact same “space” in the 3D world. No matter what camera angle you choose, they will always match 100% perfectly. Includes additional HDRI maps without sunlight for rendering in shade, as seen in the video.

Render super quick still images & animations without a faster graphics card, and experience almost zero memory overhead, since there is no heavy prop clogging your system.


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