A Distant Army Approaches

A Distant Army Approaches is an inventive environment prop set for DAZ Studio 4.6 and above to help solve a recurring problem in the high polycount world of 3D rendering. How do I fill the background with more people so the entire scene looks more realistic and lived in?

The low poly count Foot soldier models and small texture sizes provide just enough detail for these background players while not taxing computer resources. This entire scene with landscape, skydome, and foot soldiers and wagons and army camp is under 200,000 polys which is the equivalent of one or two fully clothed Genesis figures. It is simple math.

The trade off; these props are not designed for close ups. They look fine in the distance. These foot soldiers have a specific purpose, they are designed to help populate and fill out the background of your medieval and fantasy type renders. You need some castle guard on the walls of your castle for guard duty, these can help.

Please note these foot soldiers are simple props that take advantage of DAZ Studio’s robust instances options which delivers plenty of visual variety while allowing manageable workflow. They are not rigged. They are static posed props.

The set includes everything seen in the promos: 15 foot soldiers, already armed with sword or lance (spear), shield (either on forearm or shoulder), low poly medieval wagon with crates, encampment tents with poles, spikes and ties. Also included is the landscape terrain, the daytime skydome, and the winding dirt road, that can be hidden and/or removed, and the UberEnvironment2 promo light set and 18 camera angles to get you rendering quickly.