A3D Bianca Porcelain Doll for V4/A4

Introducing Bianca , a glazed porcelain doll for V4/A4 .

Bianca is an italian name meaning “white”. She features a “cracked glaze” base skin made from scratch , using personal photos . She comes with a vast array of makeup options in a “handpainted china” style – she can be cute and delicate or gothic and scarry , the only limit is your imagination !

Please note that all the delicate craze lines on Bianca’s skin come from her texture maps , none were added via shaders .

To make her even more unique , she comes with a bonus shorter toes morph and a special lash shape ( no morph packages are required ).

This set includes:

1 Custom Head morph for V4 INJ/REM ( no morph packs required )
1 Custom Head morph for A4 INJ/REM ( Aiko4 required )
1 DAZ dialed body morph for V4 INJ/REM ( Morphs++ required )
1 DAZ dialed body morph for A4 INJ/REM ( Aiko4 and Morphs++ required )
1 set of base “cracked glaze” skin textures
11 Eye colours
3 Lashes options
2 lacrimal ,2 sclera , lacrimal off and tear off options
1 Plain skin face + 12 makeup options
12 mix-and-match lipsticks
9 brows choices + Brow off
12 Nail color options
Nipples pink/white option
1 Custom Shorter Toes morph INJ/REM
1 Custom Lashes morph

MAT files for all options are included, using advanced Poser shaders optimised for Poser 9 and Pro2012 .

For testing purposes only , I’ve included Daz Studio materials for all options as .duf files for use in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro .
You can see a render in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro in the “Editorial” tab .
However , I only support Poser , but any feedback is welcome .

Textures included :

13 Head textures 4000×4000
01 Torso textures 4000×4000
01 pink nipple texture 4000×4000
01 Limbs textures 4000×4000
12 Lip textures 4000×4000
7 Brow textures 4000×4000 + transmaps
11 Eye colors textures, 3 cornea and lacrimal maps 1500×1500
03 Lashes textures 2048×2048
01 Mouth texture 2048×2048