Above The Cyberpunk Streets

Above The Cyberpunk StreetsWith props from this pack You can easily Set-up whole building facade with lots of details.

Main prop is building segment with large room, 4 windows, balcony and balcony door. Windows and door are morphing props (each window /door can be open/close separately). With back wall You can close room (if You render interior, remove back wall so You won’t obstruct camera). Mid section can be placed between building segments. Decorative props can be placed on facade and balcony; Chinese lanterns, air conditioner, balcony sunscreen, chair, neon sign, sushi sign, 3 different satellite dishes, 3 different billboards, 5 decorative cables (which can be placed in front of building to achieve render’s ‘depth’). Interior is simplified, I focused on exterior for this model. I also included 5 lights sets and 10 camera positions.