Adventurer’s Toy Box – Weapons Edition: Genesis 8 Female and Male

In the good ol’ days of yesteryear, the man was usually only as good as his skill with a gun. Even when mankind traveled to the stars, this still rang true for some. With this trusty rifle at your side, any rifleman will be a deadly force to be reckoned with. Featuring the retro styling of a 20th-century coach gun with the advancements anyone can enjoy, this weapon is capable of reigning supreme in the right hands. With a quadruple layer of spell circle reinforcement for those mystical rounds, as well as a holographic bayonet with a mono-molecular edge for those special targets, this 45. caliber supermag rifle stands above the rest.

Not to be outdone by the supermag, the Haze tool is one of the more robust products in this special edition of the Adventurer’s toybox. Featuring a specialized holster to wear it on your body, the haze tool comes specially equipped with the melee plasma projectors. Featuring a holographically enabled sword and/or shield combination right off the bat, the default tool is perfect for those gladiator or paladin types. With the add-on module, the haze tool transforms from merely humdrum boring into something truly worthy of soaring through the sky!

With the included module, the Haze tool gives your every-day adventurer a plasma pistol with included laser targeting system, adjustable holographic targeting reticule and a flight mode to be dragged along where-ever their hearts desire.

In addition to the carbine and haze tool, we are offering three dedicated melee weapons/tools at no extra charge! With an ornate dagger, self-heating long sword and a sky-pirate’s cutlass, those random miscellaneous tasks are now no longer a bore!