Aguja Undersea Environment

This is a full 360-degree undersea environment complete with HDRIs, reflective water prop, sand floor that fades into the distance, a rockscape with grouped moveable rocks and sand foundation, a kelp plant, caustic wave gel with spotlight, and a haze sphere to create ocean rays and increase depth in all directions.

By adjusting the height of the props, using the HDRIs (of which there are four), you may achieve renders at ocean depths from I shallow 3 feet to a mile into the deep dark blue.

Hiding or deleting the sand prop will reveal the Sandy floor of the hdri or, if using one of the other render settings, the scene will fade down into a very dark blue.

The rockscape and kelp plant come with individual materials to achieve different looks. Four options for rock and kelp and five options for the sand are available.

Load individual props for use in your other water scenes; a swimming pool, fountain, bathtub, lake, or shoreline.

The caustic wave spotlight gel is tiled so you can change the size of the pattern it projects.

You have control over the depth haze in the water with four presets. Quickly go from dark and murky to Crystal Clear and tropical.

What’s Included and Features
Aguja Underwater Environment: (.DUF)
Aguja Environment
Aguja wRocks Environment & Kelp
Aguja wRocks Environment Low Tide
Aguja wRocks Environment
Aguja Haze Sphere
Aguja Kelp
Aguja Sand Floor
Aguja Water Under Sea
Aguja Wave Pattern Gobo wLight
Render Settings:
Aguja !Default
Aguja DeepBlue wRays
Aguja DeepBlue
Aguja NoFloor
Aguja !Default Haze Sphere Med
Aguja Haze Sphere Heavy
Aguja Haze Sphere Light
Aguja Haze Sphere VeryLight
Aguja Sand Floor
Aguja Water UnderSea
Aguja Wave Pattern Gobo
Aguja Kelp 1
Aguja Kelp 2
Aguja Kelp 3
Aguja Kelp 4
Aguja Kelp Glowcores 1
Aguja Kelp Glowcores 2
Aguja Kelp Glowcores 3
Aguja Kelp Glowcores 4
Aguja Kelp Glowcores bright
Aguja Kelp Glowcores dim
Aguja Kelp Glowcores medium
Aguja Rockscape 1
Aguja Rockscape 2
Aguja Rockscape 3
Aguja Rockscape 4
Aguja Rockscape Rocks 1
Aguja Rockscape Rocks 2
Aguja Rockscape Rocks 3
Aguja Rockscape Rocks 4
Aguja Rockscape Sand 1
Aguja Rockscape Sand 2
Aguja Rockscape Sand 3
Aguja Rockscape Sand 4
Aguja Rockscape Sand 5 ripples
Aguja Wet Rocks
Aguja Wet Sand
Textures Include:
30 Texture,Displacement, Normal, Reflection, Transparency and Specular Maps (800 x 800 to 5120 x 5120)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer