Ailikki for Gia 8

Ailikki for Gia 8

for Gia 8 is a fantasy/gothic styled character ready for your rendering needs!

As part of the Wild Winds product set, her make up style not only compliments the fantastic style of Wild Winds, but can slip into nearly any style of needs: Contemporary, Classic, Gothic, Science Fiction, Fantasy.

From Wild and Gothic Magician, to Fierce Elven General, she’s ready to invade your runtime.

Anatomical Element Materials included.

Materials are Iray only.


1) The Pale Alternative setting is to be used last after selecting the tattoos, make up, etc.
2) When using the Accent Materials, please note that only 1 may be used at a time due to the material settings. Example: 1 Silver Face Accent, or 1 Eye Shadow Accent, or 1 Eyeliner Accent.