Anfisa HD for Genesis 8 Female

Anfisa HD for Genesis 8 Female

The bright and charismatic appearance of Anfisa in combination with a beautiful, sports figure, means this heroine will indisputably stand out from the crowd.

Anfisa will cope with any role put by you without problems, just try! Happy-go-lucky simpleton? Mysterious adventurer? The spoiled and mad aristocrat?

For these roles Anfisa has all necessary means: eight cardinally different make-ups, eight options of a coloring of stylish fingernails and toenails, four options of color of eyes. And set of eyelashes, where two options of decorative eyelashes will turn the girl into the fairy or the magician from the world of imaginations.

This heroine model is created in ZBrush and is best visualized on the third level of HD. The skillfull combination of textures allows to consider all nuances of realistic relief of skin and veins.

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Note: a supplement has been created for this product: 33 new qualitative morphs of expressions which are ideal for Anfisa.


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