AO4: All Night for V4

All Night is a new conforming outfit for Victoria 4 for sexy nights and the club. This package includes a conforming Top, Pants, Bracelet and Shoes! Included are 9 different styles for all clothing pieces for mix and matching! All clothing pieces include several of V4’s Bodymorphs.

04 Conforming Clothing Items for V4 (Bracelet, Pants, Top & Shoes) with Morphs
09 Texturestyles for the Clothing

Texturesizes and Listing:
05 Textures for the Bracelet (1024×1024)
05 Textures for the Pants (3000×3000)
05 Textures for the Pants (2000×2000)
10 Textures for the Sandals (1500×1500)
05 Textures for the Top (2500×2500)
04 Reflectionmaps

38 Matposes
01 Foot Pose