ApoX – Rebel for the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

ApoX Rebel is the first in a new line of clothing and accessory packs for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8. It’s a blend of apocalyptic and gothic style clothing that’s very versatile and fits in many female badass fantasy themes.

Included in the pack is a cool little push dagger, that can be parented to the right boot in the sheath, or it can be used in either or both hands.

The top has extra trans options for the chest insert and the upper arms, and the hood and mask has extra options as well. These pieces can mixed and matched with many other packages. And stay tuned for more!

Included in this package:

– ApoX Rebel Top (.duf)
– ApoX Rebel Pants (.duf)
– ApoX Rebel Boots (.duf)
– ApoX Hood (.duf)
– ApoX Rebel Push Dagger and Sheath for Boots (.duf)
– ApoX Rebel Dagger Right (.duf)
– ApoX Rebel Dagger Left (.duf)

– Grey and Black motif mat settings for all
– Option to Hide Chest Panel on Top
– Option to Hide upper arms on Top
– 3 Different Mat Options for Chest Panel
– 3 Different Transmap options for Hood Mask
– Option to Hide Hood Mask
– 2 Texture options for boots
– Option to Hide Dagger from the Sheath parented to boot
– 2 Shoe material options
– 4 Legging material options