Architectural Garden Plants for Daz Studio Vol. 1

I’ve often wanted some plants and foliage to place in front of buildings or with content I’ve purchased which does not have the foliage and flowers around it either in beds or containers that would soften its edges and bring it to life.

This bundle of over 50 plants for Daz studio and Iray should help to fill the gaps in your digital borders. beds and pots. It works great as standalone plants, and all of the plants included are detailed enough to be used as hero plants to set off wildlife or small critters as well as being invaluable as fillers in your backgrounds or adding a splash of color to a courtyard, alley or door step.

This bundle includes Architectural Alliums and Architectural Honesty – Both of these plants are wonderful features of the early summer garden, and both, as they say, die gracefully to become great structural elements in fall and winter with their distinctive seed heads which have been included here.

The materials for these great plants have been created using the awesome power of Iray to give realistic translucency and texture to petals, stem’s and foliage.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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