Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit

Do you create poses? Do you own a lot of poses? Then the Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit is for you!

Save time and money as with the click of a button, Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit can easily process your pose library to create mirror poses, top half poses, bottom half poses, hand poses, and more!

The Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit provides batch execution of pose actions to quickly and easily create new poses and pose presets in your Library.

Assembly Line supercharges Daz Studio by enabling easy automation of complex pose control tasks, and it is even more powerful if you own other RiverSoftArt scripting products like Bone Doctor, Pose Blender, or Pose Randomizer.

Assembly Line allows you to chain actions and other RiverSoftArt scripts together to create superscripts, which are called Assembly Lines.

What Exactly can the Assembly Line do for you?

1. Powerful Automation of common posing tasks such as mirror poses (and saving them), saving hand poses from full poses, and saving Female Poses as Male poses (or vice versa, within the same generation only), which can be applied to the current figure in your scene or to entire directories and lists of pose presets.
2. Create “Assembly Lines” using the Assembly Line Editor. Assembly Lines are a sequence of actions that can be executed and applied to an input figure or a series of pose presets. All Assembly Lines are easily editable. If they do something you don’t like, or don’t do enough, you can change them.
3. Includes 14 pre-built Assembly Lines for you to use or customize
4. Integration with RiverSoft Art scripting products, such as Bone Doctor, Eye Clock, Pose Blender and Pose Randomizer, so that you can automate posing using those products. If you own Bone Doctor, you can automate conversion of your Library of Genesis 3 poses to Genesis 8, or vice versa.
5. Over 30 powerful actions such as Apply Preset File, Mirror Pose, Select Body Parts, and Save Pose Preset
6. Includes a very easy to use Save Pose Preset script which you can use by itself to eliminate the tedious clicking required to save poses.
7. Save Assembly Lines as presets that will automatically load and be ready to execute.
8. Extend Assembly Line Automation Kit by creating your own Action scripts that can be integrated seamlessly (Recommended for Script writers only)

With the Assembly Line Automation Kit you can also:

1. Convert a folder of pose presets from Genesis 3 Female to Genesis 3 Male with new icons and catagories. Alternatively, you can quickly just update the metadata in the Daz Studio database to mark existing presets as compatible with other figures.
2. Convert a batch of hand pose presets from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8.
3. Create mirror poses for a folder of poses in seconds.
4. Fix poses which have incorrectly applied transformations to the figure by moving the transformations to the hip.
5. Quickly create top-half or bottom-half poses from a folder of poses.
6. Add or Delete Categories from a folder of presets, leaving other categories unchanged.
7. Convert an entire folder of pose presets from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8, or vice versa (Requires Bone Doctor).
8. Create new poses by combining a folder of pose presets with a specific leg pose (or arm pose) (Requires Pose Blender).
9. Automate common setup of figure (e.g., add the same hair, makeup, clothes, and pose) (Example Assembly Line Included).

Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit creates normal poses only; hierarchical poses will be converted to normal poses.

No poses are included with package.
What’s Included and Features

Assembly Line Pose Automation Kit (.DSA)
Included Scripts:
Copy Left Hand to Right Hand
Copy Right Hand to Left Hand
Create Bottom Half Poses
Create Hand Poses
Create In-situ Poses
Create Poses for Figure Type
Create Top Half Poses
Make Preset Compatible for Figure
Mirror Poses
Move Figure Transformations To Hip
Save Pose Preset
Script for use with Pose Blender:
Blend Pose Presets With Current Pose
Scripts for use with Bone Doctor:
Convert Pose From Genesis 3 to Genesis 8
Convert Pose From Genesis 8 to Genesis 3
Detailed User-Guide Included (.PDF)


Since this product uses encrypted scripts, it cannot be used in versions of Daz Studio below

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer