Bad Attitude OUTFIT BUNDLE for V4

Bad Attitude OUTFIT BUNDLE for V4

Bad girls don’t always mean naughty or sexy, sometimes they just mean BAD!!!! This Punk Skater Chick is the bad attitude poster girl. The in your face, own your runtime and make you like it sort of chick, that will teach you who is boss here… HER!!! Give your Poser girls an attitude all their own with this tribute to all things Punk.

*NOTICE!!!!!!* Due to the high level of detail in this set in the form of chains, studs, etc., please be aware that this is a high poly count product!

Texture sets: Black/Blue, Black/Red, Cheshire, Peacock, and GreyGoth

Tank Top Logos: Rocket Girl, Gunshot Smiley, Anarchy Symbol, ‘TheBird’ Stop Sign, Punk You!, and the Union Jack

++Morph Fits: Young, Thin, Breast Size

Aiko4 Morph Fits: A4Stylized Body, A4Stylized Head, A4Realistic Body, A4Realistic Head, A4Realistic Classic Head, A4 Petite, A4 Base, A4 Head, A4 American Head

Elite Morph Fits: Utopian, Sylph

Alice 3.0 Fits: Alice, Alice Head, Alice Faery Body, Alice Faery Head, Alice Curvy Body

This outfit is Auto Conforming!

Shorts contain chain swing morphs for back, side and front movement
Fit Adjustment Morphs: Hips, Waist, Buttocks, Thighs, Shins, Shldrs, Forearms, Collars, and Torso Up
Do-Rag default fits to ‘Lynn Hair’ but it also comes with fit morphs: Top, Left, Right, Back, Front, and Ties Left, Right and Back