BALANCE addon for Poser

Tired of the brightness in your scenes not matching?

Does it drive you mad?

Rather than going into the material room and adjusting the ambient value and brightness for each individual prop, why not let this handy addon for Poser do it for you?

A wonderful tool for artists and vendors alike! Speeds up workflow dramatically and increases balance in the images.

Usage Instructions:
1. First load a figure (.Cr2) into your scene, Balance will not run without first loading one.
2. To use balance, simply go to your pose library (folder name is BalanceForPoser) and double click the ?run balance? file
3. Choose a value: negative is darker, positive is brighter – if using a negative value press ENTER after typing it in
4. Hover over buttons for hints to pop up
System Requirements:
PC and MAC compatible
Poser 9+

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