Batch Convert Genesis 2 to Genesis

Batch Convert Material Presets Genesis 2 to Genesis – Open up your entire library of Genesis 2 Material Preset .DUF files for use with Genesis, and save lots and lots of time.

So, now that there are new UVs for Genesis that will let you use The Genesis 2 Base Female, V5 and V6, Base Male, M5 and M6 textures on Genesis, how are you going to apply them to Genesis? The surface names aren’t the same. There are a lot of different options for you, but all of them are long and tedious, and will need to be done with each Material Preset.

But with Batch Convert Material Presets, it will make your life soooo much easier!

Batch Convert Material Presets Genesis 2 to Genesis will let you convert many files at one time from Genesis 2 format to the Genesis format with just a couple of selections and the press of a button.
All you need to do is:
1) Select where you want the Converted Material Preset .DUF files will be written to.
a) Select a folder where the Material Preset files are, that you want to be converted (The script will list the files from that folder and all subfolders.
b) Select the Material Preset files you want to be converted.
and then press the ‘Convert the files’ button.

But what about the other UVs that have been created for Genesis 2? There’s no UV conversion for them!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with Batch Genesis 2 Map Transfer to Base UV.
The bonus script Batch Genesis 2 Map Transfer to Base UV, will let you convert all the other UVs.

The Map Transfer, is a tool that is included with DAZ STudio 4. It is a handy little program that converts textures files from one UV format to another. But after you have done the conversion you still need to assign these textures to the surface properties, and change the UV Setting, and create a new Material Preset….

The Batch Genesis 2 Map Transer to Base UV, let’s you setup:
1) Where you want the converted texture files will be written to.
2) Where the Create Material Preset .duf files will be written to.
3) What Material Preset .DUF files to convert.

Once you have made these decisions, and press the ‘Convert the files’ button, this scripts loops thru each Material Preset files listed. As each Material Preset file is loaded, the Map Transfer tool is started, waiting for you to press the Apply button. That is your only interaction for each file that is needed. After you have converted your Material Presets and textures to the Base Male or Female UV, you can then use the Batch Convert Material Presets G2M to Genesis or Batch Convert Material Presets G2F to Genesis to make the textures available to Genesis thru Material Presets.

Required Products:
Genesis 2 Male and Female Base UVs for Genesis
Victoria 6 and Michael 6 UVs for Genesis