Battle Ready Poses for Genesis 8 Female(s)

This set of battle-ready poses has been constructed to give you many customization options.

There are 20 full standard poses. These have been saved as upper and bottom partial poses. To change the look of a full or partial pose, a set of arm and hand poses have been provided as well.

A small subset of partial upper poses has been set up in a Bonus Alt Poses folder. These poses can be used with suits such as Dark Edge Designs’ SparTech Ops. They will place the hands and arms to get you in a better position for use with belts and shoulder straps.

For scenes where you would like to have your character hold the gun in the SparTech Ops set, a set of hierarchal poses are included that will both pose the gun arm(s) and the gun.

At times when you combine poses, you may need to straighten the torso. Use the Zero Torso pose and then use the torso parameters to modify the pose. You can all use the Pose Controls for the Waist Bend, Side-Side and Twist to help modify as well.