Billboard Nodes Plugin

Billboard Nodes is a plugin for Daz Studio that creates flat planes that always align to the user. Works automatically with all cameras and views in the viewport.

The plugin adds two interface elements:

Entry in the Create menu called “New Billboard Node”
New “Billboard” pane

Create Menu
To create a new billboard node, simply click on “New Billboard Node” in the Create menu. This will create a plane primitive that is oriented automatically to your view.

Billboard Pane
The pane is not necessary but provides a couple convenience features

Select All Billboard Nodes – this makes it simple to select all billboard nodes in the scene
Randomize PointAt % – this will change how strongly the billboard nodes will point at the view. This affects all selected billboard nodes.

General Notes
While content created with this plugin will work best with the plugin, it isn’t actually required. If the plugin is not present the billboard content still loads but doesn’t automatically face the camera. The user can then manually set the billboards to point at an object or camera in the scene.