Billie Hair

Billie Hair is a morphing/conforming Ponytail Hair for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4 and LLF’s Cookie. There are a variety of different hairline styles included with this hair. The ability to raise and lower the hairline, morph it into a more rounded style, or add fullness to it.

All morphs included are: ADJNeck, ADJTemples, ForeheadShape, TailFull, TailLong, TailSmall, TailSpread, TailWindL, TailWindR, WispsLong, HairlineStyle, LSideLong, RSideLong, RaiseForehead, RaiseHairline, and TightenSides. Fits in V4 Figure include G4 and A4 Morphs. Included additionally are smart prop necklace for V4 and one for Cookie, Left and Right earrinbgs for V4, and Left and Right Earrings for Cookie.