Brawls v01 : MightyMite for M4


Extreme Superhero Poses:
With the limits turned off, these M4 poses were carefully hand-crafted using
iconic poses throughout the history of comics. Poses are maximized to the
intended target camera angle but attention was paid to the anatomy from
all other angles. Partial poses were included to help create even more poses.
Not every partial combination will work due to the extremeness of the poses.
But even so, all make a great starting point for posing.

The Brawl: Land, Sea, Air, Space… When and wherever your hero meets their
challenger, these poses will light the fuse.

1on1 set collects pairs of brawling poses.

2on1 collects a trio of brawling posea
Included in Pack:
7 Paired Poses for M4………….(mirrors included)
2 Trio of Poses for M4………….(mirrors included)

10 Giver Poses for M4…………..(mirrors >>> Upper & Lower Body partials included)
10 Receiver Poses for M4….(mirrors >>> Upper & Lower Body partials included)