Castle Gravestone Halls

Castle Gravestone Halls

Beware the Castle Gravestone Halls…

Many centuries ago, during the time of the black ages, a time of wicked wizards, man-eating dragons and all kinds of deadly creatures. Cruel men sold their souls to the dark spirits to attained power and earthly wealth.

With this great wealth, these evil men cast their lustful shadow across the land to every corner the known world to bring forth more wealth. One tyrant, his name lost to history built his stronghold of black stone and blood forever known as Castle Black Grave.

These Halls are a multi-part play set that can be combined in many ways. They snap together like magic play blocks using Daz Studio’s Tool settings and come with all the Presets and Props that make them look amazing.

Castle Gravestone Halls is perfect for the dungeon, spooky, historical, and other fun images!