CC Foster for Genesis 8 Male

He’s no angel… at least, not anymore.

CC Foster is an HD character with several charming aspects. He can serve as an angel, an elf, or even a vampire with a selection of custom morphs for the ears, eyes, fangs, and fingernails (including a custom dilate and constrict morph for slit pupils). He comes with custom Fibermesh body hair for the chest, arms, legs, and anatomical elements. He also comes with his own fibermesh brows and eyelashes (all compatible with CC Beard Boss and CC Shave This materials).

Foster can sport 16 base eye colors and additionally, he has a black iris and sclera option. In addition, one of 8 eye flames or 6 eye glows can be added to any eye color (though the glow may limit how much of the eye color shows). He also has 6 eye makeup options from subtle to stark, and 5 sheens that can be added to his face with or without the other makeup for that angelic (or vampiric) touch. Aside from his natural lips, he has 6 colors he can wear either in full or just a kiss, as well as 5 lip shimmers which can be used with the colors or alone. Likewise his ears can be tipped in black and either shimmer or not in 5 colors, and his fingernails are similarly adorned.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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