Christmas-NOEL Props and Poses

Christmas-NOEL Props and Poses

Items included:

11 single props
6 Scene Presets
1 Light
15 Poses (G8F only)
20 Material files (5 for each Letter – N O E L)
9 Iray Shaders

Please note:

Poses are saved with “Limits on”.

Poses are made for the preset scenes and not the individual letters. Your character will pop in place and pose in the position it was meant to be.

Depending on which preset it is you’re using, you might have to “hide” or remove one of the props in the scene.
This is easily done by expanding the scene in your scene menu and clicking on the eye of the prop you would like to make invisible.
Just push the delete button on your keyboard if you want to completely remove it from the current scene 🙂


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