Cloning Facility

Cloning Facility

It’s time to send in the Clones!

The Cloning Facility is a large and detailed environment that includes 3 separate rooms with mostly standalone props if you decide to rearrange. There are 6 ready to load scenes – 3 with standard lighting and 3 with cyberpunk-themed lighting!

Test out your clones abilities against each other in the Arena, included in the Warehouse. Make detailed scans or adjustments to your clones or order parts in the Office Wing and transport your clones from the Office Wing to the Warehouse with the Hallway scene. All scenes can be loaded to make a clear path between the rooms.

The Cloning Facility is ready to render, so it’s easy to load your characters and get great images right away. Acquire the Cloning Facility and make your fantasies come true!

All promos are rendered in Daz Studio. Characters and clothing in promos are not included.