Clothing Smoothers for DAZ Genesis 2 Male(s)


Clothing Smoothers for the Genesis 2 Males adds projecting smoother morphs for each of the four Generation 6 male characters PLUS helpers for Slosh’s Generation 4 and 5 Legacy morphs!

These morphs do not apply to the figure itself. When you dial the morph in the figure, it transfers right into the clothes. These work even with figures that already have automatic projection.

There are custom tunic helpers for the male morphs to prevent the dreaded lump-and-crease in the centers of long tunics, robes, and some loincloths. Because you control the degree to which each dial is transferred into clothing, you can combine them in different amounts for different clothing items.

You can use these items with clothes that predate them, that don’t have customs, or with conversions from previous generations that have no supporting FBMs for the present figure; basically any clothing item that lacks one of these FBMs can profit from having this product in your library.

Not only that, but because the Genesis 2 Male base has a different pelvic shape than any previous figure (where Genesis 2 Female has a pelvic height and width closer to Genesis 1), a Base Male Smoother and Base Male Tunic Helper are included specifically to facilitate conversions!