Comic Kit

Comic Kit

Get Comic Kit for all of your scenes that need words! Comic Kit includes 14 iconic word props and 2 punctuation marks to help add storytelling to your renders. Whether you’re doing graphic novels, comics or want to give your renders some flare, these iconic marks will help you.

Each of the 14 props comes with 14 morphs that twist, stretch, bend, expand and/or contract the typography. 3 Iray material presets are included as designer sets for each prop.

The included DIY kit that includes several Iray material presets that will allow you to personalize the materials by adding textures, overlay masks, and cutout masks to help you achieve your creative vision. All you’ll need to do is add the colors yourself via the surfaces pane.

In total, you get 215 Material Presets, but with the ability to mix and match, the sky is the limit!

Whether you want to punctuate actions your characters are taking or use words to decorate your scene, Comic Kit is the right fit for your renders.