The Complete Guide to Creating Iray Shaders

The Complete Guide to Creating Iray Shaders

Iray is a physically based renderer used in DAZ Studio and it calculates the behaviour of light in a way as close to reality as possible. In these tutorials Esha goes over a comprehensive guide you in creating Iray shaders from start to finish. It’s all about using the Iray uber shader to create realistic looking materials for your products or artwork.

Esha has used Iray since it’s release in Beta. She’ll take you through the whole process of shader creation and then go in depth with seven very useful case studies of different shader materials. She goes through in detail visual examples of the Iray shader properties, remarking on recommended settings and property combinations.

These recordings are taken from live webinars with the benefit of Q&A from students throughout.

Bonus tuition materials included :

1) Master reference Uber Shader Reference Guide. This has been created as “artist friendly” and is a complete visual guide to each of the PBR Metallicity/Roughness Properties.
2) Prop testing pack including render presets and shader examples as used through the course.

Session 1:

Shader vs. Shader Preset
The Iray Uber shader
Iray and 3Delight
Iray Shader Properties, focus on the PBR Metallicity/Roughness Mode
Visual examples of each, recommended settings and combination of properties

Session 2:

Gathering reference images
How to set up a material
Using a preset as a base
From scratch
Analysing a material
Preparing the maps
Seven Case Studies of shaders in-depth

Session 3:

Review of homework assignments

Session 4:

Saving out Shader Presets




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