Content Checkup

Content Checkup is a DAZ Studio script for DAZ Studio or newer, designed to help artists and content developers alike to understand why some content items give error messages and to avoid distributing unused resources with products.

There are several simple and stupid errors that can be detected by using Content Checkup, below is a sample of what I’ve found in content from different content creators, different stores and freebies. One important thing to keep in mind though, is that DAZ Studio, rightfully in my opinion, is more rigid in how it treats content that is wrongly setup. Poser will let errors slip, as it tries to locate files by it self when paths are bad or wrongly formed.

List of some of the errors that Content Checker will catch for you:

An unused texture map can easily be a texture map that should be used, but one material preset uses the wrong bump or normal map. it’s not really visible unless you look closely at the render, can happen, I’ve seen that in many products.
A texture map that is in the texture map folder but is not used my any item or material preset, also very common.
Poser content that has a path that starts with Runtime instead of :Runtime or /Runtime, which makes the path absolute and not relative, one of those errors Poser seems to ignore and correct by itself.
Content files where a path begins with C:Runtime instead of :Runtime or /Runtime. This works as long as the content ins installed in C:, and only on Windows, as Mac OS X doesn’t have drive letters, all paths starts with /Volume or /.
Zip files that were zipped on Mac OS X and contain OS X resource proxy files, the zip file hasn’t been cleaned with ZipCleaner.