Crashing Waves for Vue

Realistic high resolution Crashing Waves. Finally you can have these amazing waves right in your scenes. 2 wave terrains (with 9 waves from small beach size waves to very large ones. 6 individual waves for mid ocean scenes. 4 Vue files (2 terrains and 2 with single waves. Each with different water color.)

Depending on the atmosphere and lighting you choose, some waves might look ever better if you change it to “one sided” in material editor specially for sunset scenes so light can pass through the top portion of the wave. All waves are in obj format. Two vue files as an examples are included to show you how the single waves work. Mist and fogs materials are included in Vue terrain files.

Adjust the opacity to suit your need or you can add more for more dramatic effect. The easiest way to adjust or change the water color is to add a ground layer or water terrain just below the wave terrain and play adjust the color and transparency.